Strategy Tip – Clear & Hold

September 22, 2021

STRATEGY TIP: Use defenders when capturing cities to prevent opponents from winning them back in the next turn.

Wednesday Fan Art

September 15, 2021

WEDNESDAY FANART: “Quetzali farmer bringing home a bag of freshly picked corn for his family after a days long work” by Reddit user cornuga. Tap the image to go to the Polytopia Reddit and give it your star!

UI improvements & Balance Pass 2

September 8, 2021

BIG UPDATE: UI improvements & Balance Pass 2. Check out new features such as Multiplayer Win Ratio and ELO Rating. Tap to update. You can also read more at:

Interview with Zoythrus

September 6, 2021

LISTEN: To longtime Polytopia fan, TNTMasta, interview Zoythrus, our Community Manager! Tap to listen.

Quetzali Tribe Moon

September 1, 2021

The Quetzali believe awe-inspiring display will make diplomatic talks easier, but nothing can make up for the impending wave of their insufferable bird-related puns. Quetzali discounts at until September 30th. Tap to go there.

Oumaji Tribe Lore

August 20, 2021

TRIBE LORE: The lands of the Oumaji are home to the Onjimu Riders, an order of Shebron-back town criers who inform the townsfolk of the news through poetry! Now a crucial part of Oumaji culture, poetic delivery of the news has become a competitive sport, with rules, competitions, and even creative regional styles!