Kickoo Tribe Moon

When Kickoo sailors aren’t sailing, they prefer to play sports! Footraces, wrestling, and canoeing are common, but the most popular sport is Hak’ilani, which is similar to tennis but played by 4 players on a specially-made floating platform. Don’t fall off! Kickoo discounts at until June 30th. Tap image to go there.

Strategy Tip

Customs houses with a lot of surrounding ports is the strongest way to build a flourishing economy. But you can only build one customs house per city so make sure you plan where to build it when you make your first port so you don’t waste them. Tap the image to follow our Facebook page...

Wednesday Fanart

Wednesday Fanart: PapaBless is one of the winners in the Discord Luxidoor House Challenge on Discord. Tap the image to Join our Discord channel to see more.

Action Fanart

Wednesday Fanart: Polytopia fighting image made by sunnyren_art. Tap the image to view more.

Luxidoor Tribe Moon

Carts full of gold, jewels, fabrics, and incense flow out of the temple of Exigeluss, the God of Wealth, blessing even the poorest of Luxidoor with a life of extravagance. Luxidoori discounts at webshop until May 31st. Tap to go there.

Strategy Tip

Super Unit is usually more useful than the park. But, parks are good in Perfection or Glory to help you get out more points for a victory, but are less important in Domination or Might. Tap the Image to follow us on Facebook to get more updates on how to master the game.

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