Last Chance for Vengir Pins

November 28, 2022

Vengir Tribe moon will end soon. So, this the last chance to get the LIMITED EDITION of Vengir PINS. (They are included in the Vengir Poster package). Act now or you will miss your chance of getting your hands on these UNIQUE pins! Tap to go to the shop.

Vengir Cultist

November 25, 2022

Who is this suspicious looking fellow then? Looks familiar right? Well, it is the Vengir Cultist Skin that will be available very soon! Tap to go to our Instagram and chat about it.

Donations Ukraine

November 24, 2022

Компания Midjiwan AB глубоко обеспокоена из-за войны России против Украины и страданий многих людей. С 24 февраля, даты начала вторжения России в Украину, мы жертвуем все вырученные в России и Украины средства на деятельность Красного Креста в Украине. Коснитесь изображения, чтобы также внести пожертвования! – Midjiwan AB is deeply concerned about the Russian war in...

Introducing Bardur Baergøff

November 15, 2022

TRIBE SKINS ARE COMING: Bardur who have survived the 5 Tests of Strength are given the rank of Baergøff, meaning “Elite Baerion Hunter”. The sanctified Baerion pelt is thought to let the wearer channel the animal’s raw ferocity in battle.

Vengir Skull Poster in Webshop

November 10, 2022

NEW POSTER: Vengir Skull Party Poster was just added to the web shop! Act now and get the poster including a unique set of LIMITED EDITION of Vengir PINS that you can stick into the flesh of your enemies (or just wear on your jacket)! Tap to go there now.

The Annual Vengir Skull Party

November 4, 2022

During Vengir Tribe Moon, to remember their fallen, they hosts a huge Skull Party where they wear the cranium of their favourite relative. You can join the Skull Party by building a Vengir Gate of Power!