Fanart Wednesday

FANART WEDNESDAY: “May the Force be with you” by Reddit user Kap89 posted in r/Polytopia. Click to view more art and participate in Polytopia discussions.

Zebasi Tribe Moon

M’basana Jerozi, more commonly known as the “Geroffy,” was the first of many animals to be cataloged by Zebasi scholars in the Zuzanna Yaya, the Square’s largest compendium of flora and fauna. Zebasi discounts at shop.midjiwan.com until July 31st. Tap the image to go there.

Summer Skirmish 2020

JOIN POLYTOPIA SUMMER SKIRMISH 2020 – a community-wide tournament set up and organized by the Polytopia fans Goochie, Ramana, and Artemi. Fight for power, glory, and prizes! Tap the image to sign up! (The sign-up period will last until July 5th)

Strategy Tip – Use Riders

STRATEGY TIP: Riders get an extra move after attacking. If you plan wisely you can use that to move really far in one turn by bouncing against enemy units. Tap the image to read more about the game in our Wikia.

Fanart Wednesday

FANART WEDNESDAY: “Battle for the North” by Reddit user PM_ME_YOUR_API_KEYS posted in r/Polytopia. Click to view more art and participate in Polytopia discussions.

Kickoo Song Released

Enigmatic Kickoo musician, Nono Kamii, has graced us with a song that is dedicated to the delicious and smooth Banoo, a fruit all Kickoo enjoy. We hope you find it as refreshing as they do! Tap on the images to listen.

Strategy Tip – Kill Giants

STRATEGY TIP: A good way of killing an enemy giant is to use a group of archers. They can move back and shoot each turn so the giant never gets to attack them. Tap the image to join our Discord Server and discuss strategy with other players.

French, Italian & Spanish

Polytopia is now available in French, Italian & Spanish! Help us spread the word and inform all your French Italian & Spanish speaking friends!

Fanart Wednesday

FANART WEDNESDAY: Reddit user WiseReindeer4 has drawn an awesome Polytopia poster. Tap the image to give it a boost.

Kickoo Tribe Moon

When Kickoo sailors aren’t sailing, they prefer to play sports! Footraces, wrestling, and canoeing are common, but the most popular sport is Hak’ilani, which is similar to tennis but played by 4 players on a specially-made floating platform. Don’t fall off! Kickoo discounts at shop.midjiwan.com until June 30th. Tap image to go there.

Strategy Tip

Customs houses with a lot of surrounding ports is the strongest way to build a flourishing economy. But you can only build one customs house per city so make sure you plan where to build it when you make your first port so you don’t waste them. Tap the image to follow our Facebook page...

Wednesday Fanart

Wednesday Fanart: PapaBless is one of the winners in the Discord Luxidoor House Challenge on Discord. Tap the image to Join our Discord channel to see more.

Action Fanart

Wednesday Fanart: Polytopia fighting image made by sunnyren_art. Tap the image to view more.

Luxidoor Tribe Moon

Carts full of gold, jewels, fabrics, and incense flow out of the temple of Exigeluss, the God of Wealth, blessing even the poorest of Luxidoor with a life of extravagance. Luxidoori discounts at webshop until May 31st. Tap to go there.

Strategy Tip

Super Unit is usually more useful than the park. But, parks are good in Perfection or Glory to help you get out more points for a victory, but are less important in Domination or Might. Tap the Image to follow us on Facebook to get more updates on how to master the game.

Earth Day – ∑∫ỹriȱŋ Plant 5000 Trees

Today is Earth Day 2020 and to celebrate this we will donate 1$ for each ∑∫ỹriȱŋ Tribe we sell to the Canopy Reforestation Project. Every dollar plants a a real tree and we will do this until we have planted 5000 trees! If you have already purchased ∑∫ỹriȱŋ you can go to the project web...

Kirschblüte (Xin-xi Anthem Remix)

It´s time for Kirschblüte (Xin-xi Anthem Remix)! The song is part of a suite of compositions created during Xisha-cha´s residency at Tonwelle in Berlin, in the fall of 2019. Tap on the image to listen. (The song can be enjoyed via all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer & Tidal)

German version launched.

You can now play The Battle of Polytopia in German! Tap the ship captain to download the latest version.

Strategy Tip

Should you go for the stars or explore the land? The Explorer’s strength really shines in games with plenty of opponents as you can steal techs or gain stars from meeting other tribes. But, the workshop can be more beneficial when there are few opponents. Click the image to follow Polytopia on Instagram and get...

Xin-Xi Tribe Moon

This tribe is well known for its elaborate performances. Freshly laid Xin-Xi eggs are adorned with garlands of felt while the members of the village sing in unison in order to ward off evil spirits. Xin-Xi discounts in the webshop until April 30th. Click to go there.

The Battle of Polytopia – The Musical

The Battle of Polytopia is moving onto the next frontier — the big stage. Click on the image to read more.

Fanart Imperius Arena

Wednesday Fanart: Checkout the great Imperius artwork by Reddit user kap89. (Click on the image to view.)

Fanart Coronavirus Guide

We hope all players are taking good care of your self out there! Click the image to see these amazing illustrations that Reddit user kap89 has put together in how to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Imperius Song Released

Today we are releasing the song Imperius Enia, performed live by Polytopia Philharmonic Orchestra. Click to hear the expressive performance!

Strategy Tip Lumber Huts

Should you clear the forests or build lumber huts? The two stars you get from Clear Forest adds up if you have plenty of forests to chop. But, maximizing population can be more important in the earlier stages of a game.

Fanart 2019

We have collected some of all the great fanart that was created during 2019. We are amazed by all the creativity out there! Thank you very much and don’t hesitate to send us cool stuff you make. Click to admire the work.

Imperius Mighty Ringtone

Impress your friends with the mighty Imperius theme as ringtone for your iOS or Android phone. Click on the image to buy it.

Imperius Moon

Imperius Moon: The highly efficient society of the Imperius has inspired them to build grand libraries, write breathtaking stage plays, erect mighty monuments. Come visit Imperia today! Discounts on all Imperius merchandise at shop.midjiwan.com until the 31st!

Polytopia Day 2020

Today is Polytopia Day! It marks the 4th birthday of The Battle of Polytopia and a big day for all Polytopians. To celebrate this, we are releasing the Polytopia Theme as a ringtone. Click on the image to get it.

New Polytopia Website

Today we are launching a new website for all things concerning The Battle of Polytopia. Click on the image and have a look. And, why not sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything important related to the mythical world of Polytopia.

Ai-Mo Ringtone

New mobile ringtone for enlightenment. You can now buy the pacifying Ai-Mo theme for iOS & Android. Click on the image to get it.

Ai-Mo Tribe Moon

The iconic strips on the foreheads of the Ai-Mo are made from the dye of the Issi flower, which is believed to improve mental clarity. Originally a focus to aid monks in meditation, the strips became a symbol of serenity and community, and are a staple of Ai-Moyan culture to this day. Ai-Mo discounts at...

Yadakk Ringtone

Today we are releasing our first official Polytopia ringtone! You can now buy the catchy Yadakk theme for iOS & Android. Click to get it.

Yadakk Tribe Moon

Yadakk Tribe Month: Despite usually being written off as simple merchants, the Yadakk invest plenty into both art and education, often building museums and schools in their trade hubs. Yadakk discounts at shop.midjiwan.com until January 31st!

Yadakk – Anthem

The Impossible Yadakk Orkestar, known as the wandering band who has played at markets squares all over Polytopia, is releasing their tribe anthem “Saladik Ătjum” is today. Turn up the volume & buckle up for this one!

Stone of Time Calendar

By decree of the divine ruler Midjiwan, a new age has been announced! It is the age of the Stone of Time, a sacred tablet that divides the year to honour the twelve original tribes of the Polytopian square. Click to Subscribe to our calendar to stay up to date!

Portuguese Version Released

New app update now. The Battle of Polytopia, is now available Portuguese. Great if you inform all your Brazilian friends

Vengir Tribe Day

Celebrations in Vengir cities aren’t much like the other tribes. Instead of parties and parades, the Vengir see it as a time to mourn by singing dirges, adorning their faces with sorrow paint and performing elaborate tragic plays. Discounts on all Vengir merchandise on shop.midjiwan.com today!

Minecraft Quetzali Defender

Check out this fantastic Quetzali Defender built by Reddit user u/CosmicCrowMC!

Get Special Tribe For a Special Christmas

Celebrate Christmas with a Special Tribe! You can now buy all special tribes for half price. (Until December 31st.)

Yrmil Grøl – By the Bardur Quartet

We want to wish all Polytopians a happy Friday the 13th by releasing this splendid version of the song Yrmil Grøl. Performed by the Bardur Quartet at their ill-fated (Ullefurg drenched) live performance at Gøtmüle Lodge. The song can be enjoyed via all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer & Tidal.

The Luxidoor Giant have released Emilux Pô Exiduss

The latest release from the Polytopia Music label sparks controversy. Local bully turned rapper, The Luxidoor Giant, have released Emilux Pô Exiduss.It is a song about their tribe’s superiority & wealth that includes so many profanities that it has been banned in some parts of Polytopia. Judge for your self, the song can be played...

3 unique new T-Shirt designs

We have 3 unique new designs to add to your X-mas wishlist. And, it’s free shipping on shop.midjiwan.com until November 17th!

Polytopia – Game Of Thrones Intro

Check out this amazing Game Of Thrones Intro – The Battle Of Polytopia from Polysthetic on youtube.

What’s up with the Steam Version?

A lot of players are asking about the Steam port of Polytopia. In short, it is coming but we have decided to make it a lot better so we need a little more time. Tap to read more.

Tribute to Elon Musk

The Battle of Polytopia developers pay tribute to Elon Musk after he Tweets about their game

Pinky Day

A year ago was the fateful day when Midjiwan’s toe was fed to the Rhinopigs, and it was memorialized in Vengir culture as “Pinky Day.” Of course, the journey to our world is difficult, and since Polytopians don’t have toes, they need ideas for new ways to celebrate Pinky Day. What are some fun ways...