Trouble ahead!



Gather of Stars from Starfish has replaced whale hunting. You have to actually get to the Starfish in order to clean it from Stars. Once star cleaned, they retreat back into to the depth of the ocean.


A mighty lighthouse constructed by someone a very long time ago. It marks the end of the world and the beginning of space. Find all four and something great might happen. Finding a Lighthouse will also grant your Capital Population for free and add your color as a tier, so the Lighthouse will grow with every tribe that finds it.



The Raft replaces the Boat, functioning as a defenseless means of getting on the water and transporting your land units. Flimsy, but free, they function as the base unit that can be upgraded into a Scout, Rammer, or Bomber when in friendly territory.


Pangea is a new map type that is summarized as “a single landmass surrounded by water”. Like a fusion of Drylands and Continents, we expect Pangea to have a lot of fighting in the middle, while also providing you options for sieging cities on the coasts. Both Continents and Pangea maps will try to prioritize putting capitals on the coast, meaning you’ll have to watch both land and water when trying to defend.


With cheaper, easier-to-get Ports, we took the opportunity to re-design the Custom House. They’ve been transformed into the Market, which will level upfor each unique Sawmill, Windmill, and Forge adjacent to it. Its Star income will be doubled if it’s next to a Port, granting you a maximum if you’ve managed to get a Sawmill, a Windmill, a Forge, and a Port next to it.


We’ve swapped the positions of the Sailing and Fishing Techs, as well as reduced the cost of the Port, making it easier to get on the water earlier. We want players to not be locked behind some very expensive techs and buildings, and felt it’d be much better if “going naval” was an easier experience and good way to start expanding.


The Roads Tech now allows you to build Bridges across 1-tile water gaps between landmasses. Now you can use them to cross those little rivers that might show up, allowing for a sneak attack or easier expansion. They can’t be placed diagonally.


Unlocked at Navigation, Bombers are long-range bombardment ships, able to to use Splash damage to injure groups of units at once. Of course, this comes at a cost, as they’re slow and don’t have Dash, forcing them to wait a turn to set up before they can fire. They’re also good at removing hordes of enemy Rammers, despite not being able to deal retaliation damage.


Much like their land-based equivalents, Aqua Crops can be turned into Aqua Farms after you’ve researched Aquaculture, gaining Population.

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