Polytopia Unifund guidelines

We are committed to supporting community tournaments organized around The Battle of Polytopia at universities, whether they seek monetary or non-monetary support from our fund. If you wish to organize a tournament, simply adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • Community tournaments are enjoyable and social competitions that bring people together through a shared interest.
  • The fun and involvement of the tournament should be prioritized, and winners should be determined solely based on their skills.

Fund details

  • If you wish to apply for the Polytopia UniFund, submit your application at least 2 months before the event, and ensure that the competition begins and ends within 90 days of submission.
  • Each competition can only involve one school and should be named to suggest that it is a university or school tournament.
  • The tournament title should contain “Polytopia”.
  • If the tournament is meant for all university members, you must ensure everyone has access. But you can also organize tournaments only for your university club or faculty.
  • We will review your application within two weeks, and if approved, we may send you merchandise or game brand materials for the event.
  • Organizers receiving support must submit a post-tournament report, including statistics, high-quality pictures, and feedback.

Tournament Guidelines

If you plan on organizing a tournament for The Battle of Polytopia, please review these guidelines to ensure that it is conducted fairly and within the rules. The following rules must be followed for all tournaments unless otherwise agreed upon:

  • Tournament names cannot include “Championship”, “Champions”, “League”, “Pro”, “Professional”, “Tour”, “Season”, “Masters”, “Division”, or “Official”, unless otherwise agreed.
  • All players must be at least 13 years old for tournaments without cash prizes and 18 years old (or with consent from a parent or legal guardian if underage) for tournaments with cash prizes.
  • Charging an entry fee for players and spectators, including tickets, season passes, and subscriptions is not permitted.
  • You cannot use an intolerant, discriminatory, overly violent, or explicit tournament name.
  • Organizers must create a written set of tournament rules and provide them to all participants before the tournament begins, and the tournament should be run based on these rules.
  • Organizers are responsible for administering their tournaments.
  • All tournament prizing must be set in advance and clearly stated in the tournament rules.
  • If Midijwan funds the tournament and prizes, the organizer should invoice Midjiwan AB.
  • Organizers are responsible for paying any prize pool promised to the winners in a timely manner.
  • Match-fixing and other similar activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Organizers must ensure that their event is legal under local laws and regulations.
  • Midjiwan AB and its affiliates have no liability or responsibility for your tournament other than providing support if granted via the fund.


  • The event may be broadcasted or shown on the screen if you ensure competitive integrity. For example, you can stream both players’ POVs to spectators in the room or online if players are not in the same room and don’t have access to watch.
  • When broadcasting your competition online, you must ensure that any accompanying chat is appropriately moderated to avoid creating a vulgar, abusive, or otherwise hostile atmosphere.
  • Tournament VODs cannot be gated by subscription.


  • The tournament should utilize the in-game settings supported by the game. 
  • A pen-and-paper bracket may be used for small competitions with up to 16 players.
  • For larger competitions played in a live game mode, organizers recommend using the Challengermode tournament platform.

Branding and sponsorship

  • Organizers must adhere to The Battle of Polytopia Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines.
  • As the organizer of The Battle of Polytopia tournament, you acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to utilize the content generated during your event, including but not limited to broadcasted content, highlights, videos, replays, and still images.
  • Your tournament is prohibited from promoting game companies other than Midjiwan AB, as well as alcohol, tobacco, weapons, drugs, pornography, gambling, casinos, and any other companies or products related to these. 

We encourage you to check back here occasionally for any updates to these guidelines. 

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